1. Flavours for Saturday November 16th at The Ice Cream Hole

    Spa Terminus


    Tamarillo + Pink Wafer Ice Cream Sandwiches

    Green Walnut Choc Ices


    Pomegranate + Rosehips

    Leafy Italian Clementine

    Celery + Pear*

    Ice Cream:

    Chestnut Cremolata**

    Barbados Vanilla Custard + Hot Chocolate Sauce

    Plus more flavours in tubs to take away

    * with thanks to www.foodwithmustard.blogspot.co.uk

    ** whole organic milk no eggs or cream


    La Grotta Ices is located at unit 12 on the Dockley Industrial Estate

    SE16 3SF (Nearest tube Bermondsey)

    Map here

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  2. La Grotta Ices at Frieze Art Fair

    Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th October from 11am-7pm

    Regents Park

    Flavours Include:

    Choc Ices:

    Clementines Givrees

    Spiced Almond Sorbet

    Green Walnut

    Strawberry + Almond Nougat

    Damson + Orange Citron Nougat

    Ice Creams:

    Bitter Chocolate Caramel


    Damson + Grappa Custard

    Strawberry Salad

    Nectarine Custard

    Melon + Oolong Tea

    Chestnut Cremolata

    Jubilee Plum

    Orange Bergamot
    Pear + Celery*

    Uva Fragola
    Satsuma Miyagawa
    Raspberry + Fig Leaf
    Blackberry + Rose Geranium
    Return to Spa Terminus and usual service on November 16th.

  3. Saturday October 12th
    This week’s flavours down at the Ice Cream Hole.
    Unit 12 Dockley Road Spa Terminus from 9am-2pm

    Last weekend at Spa Terminus until November!

    Next week La Grotta Ices is at Frieze Art Fair every day from Oct 16-20


    Rowan + Raspberry
    Pear + Green Ginger
    Satsuma Miyagawa

    Ice Creams:
    Bitter Chocolate Caramel
    Belle de Louvain Plum Custard
    Damson & Grappa

    Plus many more flavours in tubs to take away.


    Map here

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