1. Today’s Flavours at Spa Terminus, Bermondsey from 9am-2pm:

    Novello Orange Choc Ices

    Medici Almond Sorbet

    Coffee Bean Lemon + Vanilla Custard

    Rosemary Caramel + Pine Nut

    Clementine Brandy Butter

    Milk Chocolate Malt

    Earl Grey Prune + Orange Sorbet

    Bay Leaf + 3 Fruit Marmalade

    & More

    1 Scoop £2.50/2 Scoops/Choc Ices £3.50

    500ml Tub Sorbet £7.50*/500ml Tub Ice Cream £8

    La Grotta Ices is located at unit 12 on the Dockley Industrial Estate

    Map here


    FAntastic Aprons for sale today and up to Christmas - each one handmade and unique.. check the La Grotta Ices Facebook page for photographs

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